AMethodist community worker spent a day on a sofa outside his Cumbria church this week, inviting local people to ‘Sit Next To Me’ …

I  spent a day in September 2015 & 2016 meeting people and chatting, from the comfort of my own sofa:”Over the day I’ve seen and spoken to more than 80 people, some for a brief hello, some for quite a long conversations. Conversations went around parking, Scottish referendum, school, children, Jesus, cakes, tea, lighting, and other community matters, fund raisers, ‘Sandylands Friendly Park’, not to mention other pastoral concerns which I can’t disclose.

I’ve was really moved by people’s engagement – one lass bought me two cream scones from Spar, another a bag of crisps! A bit like the raven with Elijah – God must have known I was hungry.Lots of people were wondering why I was doing this and this provoked discussions. It was great to see so many drivers pass by and look twice at me sitting there. One woman sat for well over an hour talking – to the point there was not enough room for me to sit or stand as a group had gathered – I had to go inside to talk to someone! Wow!

Overall, I do hope it shows that our church is committed to the community and that we not only want to work with it but share God’s love too! We’re all about sharing God’s love and transforming lives.